Prof. Faisal Khazaal, PhD Law Group was founded in order to help technology innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and emerging growth companies with all facets of their growth and development. We believe the combination of our targeted and relevant legal experience, capital markets access and business formation and operations insight represent unique and valuable assets for our clients.

We have used these skills on behalf of clients in structuring purchase and sale of assets transactions, identifying and securing financing for initial public offerings, completing various technology transfers and licensing agreements, effecting acquisitions through share exchanges and arranging and closing various private placements throughout the country.

As a boutique law firm focused on the needs of technology innovators, entrepreneurs, startup and emerging growth companies, we provide clients with the attention and timely response needed to advance the clients' business objectives. We also invest in our clients when the opportunity presents itself. This provides additional incentive to actively help clients execute on their business plans and establishes a strategic partnership that better aligns the business goals with the legal and other services provided to our clients.

We have given licenses to various well known companies including :

Professor. Faisal Khazaal, PhD. Law Group, llc.    -    Advanced International Electronics Equipment, llc. by MOTOROLA    -    Bloom Financial Brokerage Services, llc.    -    Gulf Economic & Management, llc. by Gulf Bank KSC.    -    Green International Investment, llc.    -    Kelenna Azubuike Foundation by NBA's professional basketball player Mr. Kelenna Azubuike    -    Royal University of New Castle    -    International Jordanian Investment, llc. by Members of the Royal Family    -    A & K International, llc.    -    Lombard Schweizer Bank AG.    -    Siemens Electrical and Electronic Services, llc by SIEMENS    -    East & West America Investment, llc.    -    Harbor Restaraunt & Café, llc.    -    SAT Credit & Wealth Management, LP.    -    Century Brothers Financial Limited    -    Al Raisi Group Media, llc.    -    Al Manarh Financial, llc.    -    Alandalus International llc. by Aayan Leasing & Investment Co.    -    Gulf International Economic and Management Services, llc. by Gulf Bank KSC.    -    Petro Refineries Limited    -    Al-Khaldiya Electronics & Electrical Equipment, llc.    -    United Investment Bank, IAPT.    -    Almaktab Travel, llc.    -    Café DeGhol Restaurant & Café llc.    -    American Lloyd's Reinsurance Group, llc.    -    Ethics Lab, llc.    -    Heartood Furniture, llc.    -    American Logistic Global, llc.    -    Al-Raya International, llc.    -    Fly Broadcasting Development, llc.    -    Centro Restaurant & Café, llc.    -    Canary International, llc.    -    Inter-Global Logistic Transportation Investment Services, llc.    -    Chromatique Multi Media, llc.    -    Dorest Hills Organics Factories Limited    -    Future City Restaurant & Café, llc.    -    Majde Food Center, llc.    -    Khaled and Khaled, llc.    -    Middle East Export & Import Services llc.    -    Switzerland and America Trust, llc.    -    Corner Restaurant & Café llc.    -    Naseeb Maritime, llc.    -    Qurtoba International, llc. by Aayan Leasing & Investment Co.    -    Shihana Newspaper & Magazine, llc.    -    Swiss International Credit & Trust, llc.    -    Technysoft, llc.    -    South Gate International, llc.    -    Tracking News Network, llc.    -    State of Business Group, llc.    -    Yellow Points Telecommunications, llc.    -    BUYz, Inc.    -    Trading Avenue, llc.    -    Deals Secure Group Holding Company, GP.    -    and over 2700+ other licenses...